The life of foreign student at MEPhI

Hello! Please, introduce yourself and tell us some facts about you (name, home country, age, hobby)
Hey! My name is Ayman Ahed Abu Ghazal, and I am from Jordan specifically from Zarqa city, I am 27 years old, I am very enthusiastic by nature and I like doing different activities, for example, I am interested in learning language, other cultures, music, cinema, social work, and I like reading and traveling.

How did you learn about MEPhI?
I knew about MEPhI before 6 years, it was in Jordan, when my uncle (Abu Osama) brought me the newspaper, which contained the scholarship announcement to Moscow.

How did you decide to connect your life with such scientific area, for example, as the atomic energy is?
The first reason is my parents, my mother and father encouraged me to study, and the second reason was the benefits of Atomic energy. Atomic energy or Nuclear energy aids in many medical procedures, such as nuclear MRI technology. Furthermore, the nuclear energy produced in nuclear power plants provides power for countless people in many countries, while reducing the need of ozone-depleting fossil fuels. Jordan is a small country with big dreams and many of its aspirations have become physical realities in our lifetime. Jordan is among the highest country in the world in dependency on foreign energy sources, 96% of the country’s energy needs come from imported oil and natural gas from neighboring Arab countries. This complete reliance on foreign oil imports consumes a significant amount of Jordan’s GDP.

If you could choose a specialization and university again, how would you act? Why?
Nothing would change; currently I love my university, my specialization, now I am doing to become a better.

What do you think about the quality of education in MEPhI?
I think the education that gave us National Research Nuclear University is high and professional. As we know that, MEPhI is one of the most recognized technical and nuclear universities in Russia and MEPhI has entered the top 100 of a subject rating QS-2015 and THE-2015.

What was the most memorable during your studying in MEPhI?
There are many beautiful moments and wonderful friends and memories, and the study itself is interesting.

If your friends or other foreign students are thinking about which university to choose, will you advise them to enter MEPhI?
Of course, I will advise them to enter MEPhI.

Which advises can you give for foreign applicants?
Come to Moscow please, specifically to our university MEPhI we are waiting for you.

What will MEPhI look like in 2026 in your opinion?
In my opinion, MEPhI will be the most famous university in the whole world.

Can you describe MEPhI in three nouns?
Well, Higher professional education