MEPhI is international center of research and science

Please, introduce yourself and tell us some facts about you.
Hi, my name is Ilya, I am 27, I am from Kyrgyz Republic, there are just small distinctions between us and Russia. I like sport, I am an amateur mountain bike rider.

How did you know that there is one of universities that is called MEPHI?
When I graduated in 2012 in my country, my institution offered us to enter MEPhI, on which I agreed, and feel good about it.

How did you decide to connect your life with such scientific area, as the atomic energy is?
Promising fields are always promising.

If you could choose a specialization and high school again, how would you act? Why is that?
I wouldn’t change my mind

How can you comment on the education that gave you MEPhI?
I feel real high level of education here and and my attitude changed accordingly.

What was the most memorable in MEPhI during your studying?
The most memorable was my masters’s research work

If your friends or another foreign students are thinking about which University to choose, will you advise them to enter MEPhI?
Yes I will

Which advises you can give for foreign applicants?
To enter MEPhI, no doubt!

What will MEPhI look like in 2026 in your opinion?
It will thrive and become even more international center of research and science.

Can you describe MEPhI in three nouns?
Research Experience Traditions

How can you describe conditions of life?
The dorms for Ph D’s are small and tight, the cafeteria became expensive, other stuff is good!