Impressions of a foreign student studying in MEPhI

Please, introduce yourself and tell us some facts about you (name, home country, age, hobby)

Hi, everyone! My name is Essa Alalem, from Jordan. I have finished the BSc degree of radiation and nuclear techniques from Jordan University of Science and Technology. Then I started work at the Jordan atomic energy commission since 2003. I continued studying in MSc at MEPhI in 2012. In 2014 finished the MSc and started with the PhD program. And now I’m a PhD candidate at the department of Radiation Physics and safety of nuclear technology. In free time I’m reading and doing sport.

How did you learn about MEPhI?

Through my work in Jordan there was a good relationship with Russia and specifically with Rosatom, and from them I heard about MEPhI.

How did you decide to connect your life with such scientific area, for example, as the atomic energy is?

I think that nuclear science and engineering is one of the interesting fields where you can carry out research work. One of the important sciences in the next future – Energy of the future.

If you could choose a specialization and university again, how would you act? Why?

If I could choose my specialization again, I’d choose also the same. I now more aware of the importance and future of nuclear science.

What do you think about the quality of education in MEPhI?

I think MEPhI is one of the most famous universities in Russia. And it is one of the leaders in nuclear field. MEPhI has to be a global university in the next future as other leaders in the world, and for that there should be improvements of its programs in English language.

What was the most memorable during your studying in MEPhI?

The kindness and the hardworking motivation is one of the most memorable things that one can see.

If your friends or other foreign students are thinking about which university to choose, will you advise them to enter MEPhI?

 If I’ve to advise a student, I will advise him to join MEPhI, but it is more comfortable if it is an English program. The main difficulty here as I think is to learn the Russian language fluently which can help in the research work.

Which advises can you give for foreign applicants?

I would advise to join MEPhI and in particular the Department №.1 Radiation Physics and Safety of Nuclear Technologies.

What will MEPhI look like in 2026 in your opinion?

I’m sure that, if MEPhI will continue in this way it will be one of the global leaders in the world, and not only in Russia.

Can you describe MEPhI in three nouns?

Research, Global and future.