About studying of foreign students at MEPhI

Hello! Please, introduce yourself and tell us some facts about you (name, home country, age, hobby)

Hello, my name is Hamdi Alaween. I’m 36 years old citizen of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. I like reading, playing football and table tennis. At the moment I’m a 4th year PhD candidate of the Department no.1: Radiation Safety. My PhD research is related to the estimation of dose from gamma rays in NPP.

How did you learn about MEPhI?

About MEPhI, I was informed by the Jordan atomic energy commission (JAEC), relying on the obvious cooperative relations with Rosatom. I’ve been told, that MEPhI is a well-known institute in the field of atomic energy. of course, this was confirmed referring to a simple search in the internet. And I was amazed when I knew that 6 Noble prize winners were from MEPhI. And as a physicist who is already holding a master degree, I wouldn’t miss such a chance to attend PhD. program in such a great university. Meanwhile Jordan has launched an atomic energy program which also motived me even more to take the chance.

If you could choose a specialization and university again, how would you act? Why?

If the time went back and I had the chance to choose my specialization and university, the history will repeat itself. I’m satisfied with the specialization and the university because of many reasons, here are some of them: the atomic energy was recently adopted by Jordanian government, a nuclear project has been launched recently, and this specialization is distinguishing me from the crowd. What makes it a double advantage is that I’ll have the PhD degree from MEPhI (the uniqueness of this project made it an attractive point). Bearing in mind that these types of very sensitive projects need highly qualified specialists and engineers, who should get the most sophisticated and modern technology, and this could be found in a universities like MEPhI, what made me choose it.

What do you think about the quality of education in MEPhI?

Well, to be honest the education has different strategy than the education that I have got in my country. It covers wide ranges of sciences during education period.

What was the most memorable during your studying in MEPhI?

The most memorable during my study in MEPhI was the teachers. The way they deliver their knowledge for students. It is remarkable for me.

If your friends or other foreign students are thinking about which university to choose, will you advise them to enter MEPhI?

Of course I always suggest that if anyone wants to get the high level knowledge, he should choose the right source of it. So I advise the students from all around the world to choose MEPhI.

Which advises can you give for foreign applicants?

Dear applicants, welcome to MEPhI, I should tell you that many hours of your day will be dedicated for studying. And before this you’ll need to do your best to learn the Russian language in order to manage with Russian scientific literature.

What will MEPhI look like in 2026 in your opinion?

In 2026 MEPhI, it is really hard to imagine what level would this university reach, because it is unexpectedly rapidly moderated like the neutrons inside a reactor. And I am pretty sure that in the upcoming couple of years it will become an internationally recognized university.

Can you describe MEPhI in three nouns?

MEPhI: Glorious past, right present, promising future.