Friendship of people at MEPhI

Hello! Please, introduce yourself and tell us some facts about you (name, home country, age, hobby)

Hi! My name is Abeer Fathi AbuDan, I am from Palestine specifically from Gaza Strip, I’m 26 years old. I’m studying information security (master degree) in MEPhI. I like to make new friends, to try something new for me, to recognize or meet new cultures, to be leader in something that I know very well to share information with other people.

How did you learn about MEPhI?

Actually, I knew about MEPhI a little, but when I got the scholarship from my country, then I searched for the university by myself and learned some information about MEPhI.

How did you decide to connect your life with such scientific area, for example, as the atomic energy is?
I had a relationship with scientific field, when I decided to combine (participate) in scientific secondary school, and therefore I enrolled in the college of engineering, but it’s far away from atomic energy, I had certificate in communications and computer engineering.

 If you could choose a specialization and university again, how would you act? Why?

If I could choose another specialization, I’ll not, but now I think to would like to master another one specialization – a doctor, because I think this field more humanity and related with the society. So, I hope that my experience in MEPhI will help me in any sphere, in any field.

What do you think about the quality of education in MEPhI?

Let me talk about my faculty, it’s Cybernetics and Information Security, in my opinion it’s very difficult and strong faculty, because they are teaching us everything new that may occur in this field and useful in our future to collect more and more information about the subject .

What was the most memorable during your studying in MEPhI?

For me the preparation year was so amazing and marvelous, because I had such an amazing Russian teacher, she was support us to continue studying in technical university, in spite of all difficulties, which we will face .
And I can’t forget the amazing crew (MEPhI crew), which are standing beside us till now and helping us in every problem that we may face.

If your friends or other foreign students are thinking about which university to choose, will you advise them to enter MEPhI?

If I know my friend very well and I know that he can afford the pressure of studying and he really want to study and get more and more information for himself, so I will advise him to choose MEPhI, of course.

Which advises can you give for foreign applicants?

I can give him one advise, please, choose the field that you love and dream about it to serve your country in the future in positive way and to lead your country to the universality.

What will MEPhI look like in 2026 in your opinion?

It will be the most important university in the future in atomic energy or it maybe unique in this field and the leader in this field.

Can you describe MEPhI in three nouns?

Most strong university