Third International Workshop on Low Energy Particle Physics

The Workshop serves as a review of the low energy particle physics with accent on experiments with low energy neutrinos and searching for dark mater and double beta-decay.

International advisory committee: Kate Scholberg (Duke)
Yuri Efremenko (UT/MEPhI)
Frank Avignone III (North Carolina Univ.)
Giorgio Gratta (Stanford)
Mani Tripathi (UC at Davis)
Isabel Lopes (Coimbra)
Anatoly Dolgolenko (ITEP)
Gail McLaughlin (NCSU)
Chuck Horowitz (Indiana) Local organizing committee
Alex Bolozdynya (MEPhI)
Valery Sosnovtsev (MEPhI)
Tatyana Krakhmalova (MEPhI)
Anastasia Berdnikova (MEPhI)
Alexander Khromov (MEPhI)
Alexander Kumpan (MEPhI)

October 23-24, 2015, Moscow, RUSSIA